• About Dr. Tarp

Providing the highest quality, custom tarps to clients across Ontario has been a passion for Dr. Tarp for over 30 years. (est. 1989).


We’re experts in the fabrication, customization, installation and reparation of tarps.


Let us know how we can help you and we will provide you with a quality-made tarp durable for any season!


At Dr. Tarp we believe in the highest level of customer service above all else.

  • “Dr. Tarp is synonymous with customer service. We back up what we sell, and we are flexible with our customers. Driving through New Liskeard? We’ll meet you at the highway - whatever makes it most convenient. Got a big job that needs measurements? We’ll come to you. When you need us, we’ll be there.”
    Jason Roy
  • “We ALWAYS take care of our customers. From the start of the process making sure the customer gets exactly what they need, to after the sale once the product is in the field, we will ALWAYS take care of our customers. Any questions or issues we can help you resolve, make us your first call. If a customer is less than satisfied, we’ll make it right – but thanks to our process and our quality products, we have repeat customers, not unhappy ones.”
    Gary Bakhuis