• Commitment to Quality

Customer-Focused Process


With Dr. Tarp, you know you’re in good, experienced hands from the first call.

We take the time to find out exactly what you need in a custom covering, so we know what materials to put into something that will make you happy by lasting for years to come. We will guide you through the process to ensure you get the right product for your job or home every time. We go above and beyond to provide the highest quality in your tarp AND in our customer service, and make sure your product gets to you when and where you need it fast.


We exclusively use dielectric welds in the process of manufacturing our tarps to ensure added strength and durability. We guarantee our dielectric seals for the life of the tarp!


When sewing is required, it is done using lock stitching with the strongest, most durable nylon thread in the industry.


If we can’t get to you cost-effectively, you send us the measurements. Or we come to you to make absolutely certain you get the right fit.  


How quickly we can turn your tarp around depends on the size of the job, the complexity, and the cut. We are a client-focused company. If there is an urgency, we ask the right questions and do what we can to help with your needs as quickly as possible.


We can make a tarp of almost any size or cut.

Ask us about delivery. In our travels, we show up a lot of places! (Especially in Northern Ontario, and the Hwy.11 corridor through North Bay to Toronto.) If we’re driving by, we can come and look at your job, and deliver.

High Quality Materials


Dr. Tarp is a proudly Canadian company, using the highest quality Canadian-made vinyl in our products.

Igloo Vinyl is regarded as the best in the business, remaining flexible and intact, resisting any form of temperature degradation as low as -55C. Tarps made wit Igloo Vinyl handle the same in winter as they do in summer! Available in a multitude of colours and weights (up to 50 oz.), fire-retardant rated or not. In over 30 years in business, we have learned that in order to provide a superior quality product that will last and save our customers money in the long run, Canadian vinyl is the only way to go.


(Note – Dr Tarp experimented with offshore product in order to be able to compete on price with other tarp manufacturers. Bottom line? We were not willing to put our name on the prototypes, which did not get past the cutting table. Customers who have tried using both tell us the durability comparison is weeks vs. years.).

Other quality products include:

Tarp Shield – a heavy gauge nylon weave that provides a light, additional layer of protection against abrasions or sharp edges on those really heavy jobs.

Tuff-Lite – Light-weight, water resistant nylon that is breathable and still provides moisture and UV protection.


Poly-Tech Mesh – Heavy duty, light weight, open-weave polypropylene mesh, perfect for dump trucks and trailers, wood chipvans, even windbreaks and patio deck screening.

Thermo Shield – Heavy duty material that will not burn to add safety to welding booths, tent stovepipe flanges, or anywhere fire proof material is required. (We even sew it with fires resistant thread!)


Seat Belting – The same top-quality weaved belting used by automotive manufacturers. Sewn into the hems of our tarps, as well as reef bands and ‘D’ ring mounts.

‘D’ Rings – Only the highest-quality, welded and nickel plated steel ‘D’ rings to ensure security and longer rust resistance.


Brass Grommets – Your tarp features the best quality brass grommets that will not deteriorate or corrode, in a variety of sizes.